Portable Buildings


By Design

Andrew Burke



Mark Christensen


Our floor plans can all be customised to your requirements.....

Together we will plan and design your perfect building..

We build everything from Granny Flats to Holiday Units, Beauty Salons, Sporting Club 

Rooms, etc..

If you have and idea talk to us..

The floor-plans below can be altered in anyway to suit your requirements from the size to the design. 

 (1) 3.3mX13m 

(2) 6mX10m

(3) 6.4m x 12m

(4) 3.1m x 14m

(5) Salon 3.3m x 10m

(6) 3 Bed 6.660m x 12.960m

(7) 3 Bed 6.60m x 14m

 (8) 4m x10m 

(9) 9m x 16m with veranda.. 

(10) 8m x 14m 1 bedroom.. 

(11) 6.6m x 12m  2 bedroom

(12) 4m x 10m unit... ( no kitchen )

(13) 6.6m x 14m...

(14) 6.6m x 12m...

(15) 4.6m x 7.6m...

(16) 4.9m x 14m

(17) 3.3m x 12m

(18) 4.9m x 14m

(19) 4.5m x 12m

(20) 4.8m x 7m

(21) Toilet Block 3.5m x 6m 

(22) 4m x 6m office

(23) 7m x 12m