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Andrew Burke
Mark Christensen

I am glad we did our research and found Portable Buildings by Design, we couldn't be happier awesome people and awesome product. 
Brad Strayper

My daughter got me one and I am very pleased with it..very well built..great attention to detail..highly reccommend

Susan Sonnak

Great people to deal with and we didn't have to use their design, our unit was really well built down to the finest detail.

So Happy  we chose you guys.Thanks Andrew

Brooke Hay

           I have a one bedroom one.excellent..when there was a huge downpour my daughter’s house had rain coming in, she came to see if I was ok little unit was dry as a well built...     Susan Sonnak

We love our two bedder it  is awesome, we couldn't be happier especially the large shower. Such a homely building.

Grace Thorton